Designing, Installation, Maintenance

Optical fiber Network

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We build Optical Fiber Transport and Access Networks for all technologies: FTTH, FTTC, GPON and DWDM.


  • Study of assigned areas and infrastructural planning of the operators' networks.


  • Excavation and laying of pipeline and optical fibers. Installation of devices for the network infrastructure.

Network Verification

  • Systems optimization for best performances, with advice on network development and systems updating.


  • Quick interventions to restore services and improve network performance.

3TSolutions, with internal team of dedicated engineers make designing, construction and maintenance of optical fiber networks, ensuring to the operators a complete support for reliable infrastructures development.

The internal technical study manages the entire development steps, thinking tailor-made solutions to satisfy all Customer requirement and guarantee needed flexibility for future implementations and upgrades. Skilled workers with great experience, take care of the work on site, excavation and the laying of the optical fiber cables.

At the end of the construction works, 3TSolutions is able to provide adequate maintenance service to maintain efficient the optical fiber network.

Performed activities

Escavation and laying of cables

Works management

Document management

Remote and on site support

Walk-in and Walk-out

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