What is the VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over IP) is the emerging technology in the telecommunications industry because it can lower the cost of domestic and international phone calls by 80%. This is possible thanks to a different way in which the voice is carried out on telecommunications networks.

How VoIP works?

With VoIP the voice signal is converted into IP packets similar to those ones used by computers to browse on internet. Thus, the same systems allowing data transmission over Internet via ADSL (for example), can be used for voice transmission with a considerable saving for network maintenance costs of Service Providers.

What is the Wireless VoIP?

A growing number of public WiFi Hotspots Areas allows more people to be online and productive by using laptop or other WiFi devices outside. In this scenario GSM and UMTS mobile phones with WiFi interface are now able to use the Network for VoIP calls.

Power Line communication

Power line communication (PLC), is a system for carrying data on a conductor also used for electric power transmission. Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) uses PLC by sending and receiving information bearing signals over power lines to provide access to the Internet.
This solution is ideal for Hotels and historical buildings.



Costs of a traditional PBX, generally, increases with the phone lines to handle and often need to be changed if an additional hardware is required. Limit of a traditional PBX depending, in fact, from number of PSTN or ISDN ports on it.
Vice versa, a VoIP PBX with only one Ethernet port, can handle hundreds of lines. The limit in this case is related to the guaranteed bandwidth for uplink/downlink of your Internet service providers. Both VoIP PBX and VoIP phones work like computers in a network.


Our VoIP PBX is based on open source Asterisk on Linux operating system. The automatic response (IVR-Interactive Voice Response) is included. The graphical user interface is easy and intuitive to use and requires just a web browser to configure it.

Has your Company several locations?

Through the xDSL connection, our VoIP PBX could be connected togheter to create an unique Corporate PBX even if they are placed in different locations. PBX in Main Office is able to manage the numbers configured in the other PBX in the network reducing maintenance costs.


Teleworking means working at home, or in a Call Center near to home, with a part-time or full-time. It involves work has to be done with a computer or a telephone. An employee having at his home an ADSL connection and a VoIP phone, can be configured with an internal phone number of the Corporate VoIP PBX, by allowing an immediate cost savings for offices or building rents.

Technical description


Based on open-source software Asterisk on Linux operating system, our VoIP PBX is the ideal solution for SMEs that require new features not available on a normal PBX. Configure our system is very easy thanks to a simple and intuitive graphic user interface.
Can be defined own voice messages of IVR and upload audio files for music on hold call.
The automatic periodical configuration backup allows a fast recovery in case of malfunction.

System Specification

• Motherboard with double ethernet card 10/100/100Mbps
• Intel © Core2 Processor at 1,6GHz
• 1GB Ram
• 1 HardDisk 200GB
• FXO and FXS adapter for traditional phone lines (optional)

Main features

• Up to 100 call-up on same time
• Call register (CDR) completely filterable
• Voicemail with sending messages as audio attachments via e-mail
• Multiple Audioconference
• Call transfer
• Call Forwarding
• Call Parking
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) fully configurable
• Response multiple teams (Call-Center, simultaneous or sequential ringing)
• Selecting the output line automated policy-based user
• Dialing input (toward a number, toward a group or toward IVR menu)
• Personal Address Book web-based with click-to-dial functionality
• FAX Support