UnifiZone Cloud Solution

What is an Hotspot?

An Hotspot is a WiFi Access Point that is made for Public Access to Internet. It has a Captive Portal which authenticates the Hotspot Users and grant access to internet if the user's credential mets the access policy condition.

How does it work?

The WiFi User connects to the Hotspot WiFi network with a computer, smartphone or any other WiFi device with a web browser. Then any connection attempt to a website will be automatically redirected to the webpage authentication by the Captive Portal.
This redirection is performed by a software (i.e. Chillispot) which is installed in the WiFi Access Point, because the user is not yet authenticated. Then the user will be invited to identify itself typing username and password on webportal.
In order to complete the authentication process a Radius Server is required.
Our Company provides a complete Remote Portal Service that authentifies the User and checks that the Hotspot access policy is met.
This solution is ideal for Hotels, B&B, turistic harbour, bars, residences, campings.
Using our service you can bill your WiFi Users at your own price without any revenue sharing or give the access free.
Our service consists to provide a powerful Radius solution and Logging server to trace the user's Log according to existing European Law.
For further details about prices and services, please contact us.

Why should you need a service like that?

There are many reasons, but three remarkable aspects should be mentioned:
• You don't need to setup complicated Radius server and web server
• You can manage guest WiFi access in a very easy way by the web management
• You have a complete Log of User access, complying the European regulation Law

How to setup your Hotspot

Setting up an Hotspot is very simple.
Radius Server Hotspot Management Portal is compatible with an open source Captive Portal software (chillispot), or Mikrotik board. For Mikrotik configuration we have a complete set of configuration files to be downloaded on the router.
The recommended solution is to buy one of our router with a preinstalled firmware already configured to be connected to the Radius System.
If you have the skills, you can also use chillispot with any other free linux firmware (like openwrt or ddwrt), or a linux PC.

Hotspot Management Features

• Welcome page customization
• Advanced access profiles features: There can be limitations set by the hotspot owner. These are valid over multiple connections.
• Total connection time allowed
• Total upload volume allowed
• Total download volume allowed
• Total upload+download volume allowed
• Maximum upload rate
• Maximum download rate
• Expiration time: The access expires after a specified amount of time from the first connection.
• Daily access control time: You can offer 2h per day during one week.
• Idle Timeout: An automatic disconnection after an idle period time could be set to avoid consuming credit
• Connection history for all hotspots
• User Accounting log
• User traffic log