Radio Planning & Coverage


Thanks to our long experience and expertise in telecommunications technlogies we offer the best and affordable service in radio network planning, design and frequency coordination for all common Mobile Communication and Microwave technologies. The experience of our radio engineers with their specific knowledge on each technology working closer to our customers assure a successful result. By our service portfolio we are able to satisfy network operators as well as system suppliers.

In short, the services we can offer

• Transmission Planning
• Coverage Planning
• Capacity Planning
• Frequency coordination
• Site survey
• Network Optimisation

With our competence and passionate way to work will help you to reach your network planning and performance target.

Transmission and Microwave Services

Our design of transmission network begins with the assessment of customer exitsting infrastructure and follows analizing capacity and technology requirements. Once collected necessary data, our engineers start the network study.

Detailed services offered:

• Topology Planning
  - Routing and dimensioning
  - Bandwidth calculation
  - Protection and redundancy planning

• Microwave Link Design
  - PDH/SDH link engineering
  - Frequency planning
  - Link documentation

• Site Survey
  - Site evaluation
  - LoS Line of Sight verification

Digital Mobile Radio Engineering Services

We provide planning service for digital mobile radio networks, covering all common mobile network technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiFi and WiMAX). With a leading engineering tool suite at our disposal and keeping our competence costantly updated with latest technologies and technics, we ensure a planning reliable access network.

Detailed services offered:

• Coverage Planning
  - Model tuning
  - Cell Planning
  - Traffic and capacity planning
  - Frequency and channel planning
  - Interference analysis

• Network Optimisation
  - Coverage improvement
  - Capacity extention
  - Drive test