SMS Gateway and Interactive SMS


An SMS Gateway is a device offering SMS transforming, receive and transmit messages to mobile network traffic from other media, or vice versa, allowing transmission or receipt of SMS messages with or without the use of a mobile phone.

Our SMS gateway can be easly programmed to recognize the received text and interact with the user. It stores the messages in its own database.

Typical application are: Car parking payment, Bus ticket payment, Customer retention, Promotional games and more ...

SMS Parking

SMS Parking solution, using our SMS gateway.
Pay your parking fee per minute or per hours by sending a SMS message. SMS Parking is the most flexible way of paying your parking fee with your mobile phone. It's flexible: when your parking is expiring, you could send a new message to prolong it and avoid to pay a penalty.
It's easy for Controller to check parking time of a car by using SMS or PDAs.

Example of text syntax

Start parking for car having number plate AX123BY for 1 hour in the parking area code 121 of the City, please send following message:
AX123BY 121 1H ([number plate] [parking area code] [timing])