First Line Maintenance


The new telecommunications networks utilize different technologies in their archictural components like transport networks, access networks, core networks and applications servers for end users.
Although such technologies have a high degree of reliability, they are nevertheless subject to possible failures.
In order to have an efficient network, it is very important to have a fast and professional First Line Maintenance service. Any delay caused by a slow maintenance could reflect into a service disruption and a consequent loss of money.
Our Company First Line Maintenance service is dedicated to guarantee excellent and stable performances of the telecommunication networks and ensuring that the level of convenience and quality of service do not decrease for end users.

Microwave and Optical Transport Networks competences

Our engineers have long experience on both Microwave and Optical Tranport Networks specially on NSN, Ericsson and ADVA equipments. They are certified for those kinds of systems and we already work for Bank links, Utilities and Telecommunications Companies by guaranteeing agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Radio Access Networks competences

Our Teams are also involved on maintenance and installation quality audit for Radio Access Networks in particular for GSM, UMTS, LTE, WiFi and WiMAX technologies provided from NSN and Huawei.

First Line Maintenance Services

First Line Maintenance Services enable you to:

• Manage your costs more effectively to drive higher levels of availability for your customers and make it easy for you to manage your budget through predictable service costs and reduced or eliminated out-of-scope charges.
• Assurance that the root cause of a problem is solved accordingly SLA (Service Level Agreement).
• Fast Replacement service for hardware failure
• Configuring radio and optical network main system parameters
• Testing IF and RF cables checking Return Loss and Insertion Loss values
• Testing optical fibers cables
• Measure quality of bit rate flow
• Assisted remote resolution delivers faster solutions to lower your total number of first line calls, which will increase availability and lower your costs over time.
• Proactive and preventive problem resolution reduces the chance of later service disruption.