EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the branch of electrical sciences which studies the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy with reference to the unwanted effects (EMI - Electromagnetic Interference) or that such energy may induce on the environment.
EMC aims to ensure that equipment items or systems will not interfere with or prevent each other's correct operation through spurious emission and absorption of EMI.
Each electrical voltage causes electrical fields. Since all human functions (muscle contraction, nerve cell signals) are based on slow and weak bio-electrical signals, every human body as well as every electrical device is surrounded by its own electromagnetic field.
In this environment, reciprocal disturbances and the influence on the healing process in people are therefore manifest and also known. Electromagnetic Compatibility identifies the impacts of electromagnetic fields on the environment, in particular on people. The negative impacts are known colloquially as electro-smog.

In short, the services we can offer

Our Teams support Customer to make measurements and write reports for Public Administrations controlling Electromagnetic's limits to be respected by law.
Since 2011, our Company uses NARDA PMM 8053B to make measurements in field and ALDENA EMLAB tool to calculate Electric field intensity values.

Our report including:

• Datasheet of antennas
• All information related to the Site, including properties and GPS coordinates
• Photos related to the cell azimuth view
• Photos related to the measurement's points
• Estimating Electrical field in specified points
• Searching maximum Electrical field value for Building.
• Drawing site plant in AutoCAD
• Simulation of Electric field Building coverage in AutoCAD 3D.
• Analysis of Horizontal and Vertical isolines of the Electrical field in particular for 3V/m, 6V/m and 20V/m
• Electrical and Mechanic tilt scanning to find highest Electrical field value on specific points