Radio Network Planning and Coverage Services

• Transmission Plan
• Coverage Plan
• Capacity Plan
• Frequency Plan
• Site survey

Drive Test

• Benchmark Analysis
• Network Optimization
• Drive Test

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis

Our team analyzes the area around the site and depending the radio configuration and pattern of the antennas, establish sensitive points to be measured.

First Line Maintenance (Fix & Radio Network)

Cisco and ADVA certified engineers guarantee excellent performances of the network by checking units status, configurations and cables.

UnifiZone: Radius & Log Server

• Radius Server
• Logging tracking
• SMS Gateway
• UAM Captive Portal
• PPPoE supported
• Prepaid and Postpaid
• Bandwidth Control

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UnifiZone Cloud Solution

Build up your WiFi HOTSPOT and share your broadband connection.
Easy and ideal solution for Bar, Hotels, B&B...

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HotSpot WiFi

Your HOTSPOT WiFi with Ubiquiti.
AirOS includes HOTSPOT and Captive Portal capabilities by Chillispot.

Supported by our Helpdesk team.

Smart WiFi with Smart Radius Server

UnifiZone Radius AAA Server and Ruckus wireless are the perfect solution for your enterprise business.

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